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Make Work Work for Moms

Making work work for moms of all backgrounds and life stages.

A message from Dana

Dear Make Work Work for Moms Community, (If you are here that includes YOU!),

Make Work Work for Moms recognizes: Other countries have social safety nets. The United States has moms. Moms who do everything and more, often without adequate support. Moms who are Exhausted. Undervalued. Overlooked.


And that Moms are Powerful. Unstoppable. And Resilient.


Together, as a community of moms, humans who support moms (including our partners and lawmakers) and employers who are investing in moms we can absolutely shape a different future to Make Work Work for Moms.


You In! We are 110% in at Make Work for Moms. We are just getting started and won’t stop until work works for moms. For if it works for moms it works for all.


Lots of Love,

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