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Making work, work for moms from all backgrounds and at all life stages

What We Do: FAQ

Storytelling and Narrative Change

MAKE WORK WORK FOR MOMS features moms who are juggling work and life. Lifting up the real stories of moms who are living the realities of working and caregiving is an effective way to bring forward change and evolution. Through the powerful tool of storytelling. We highlight the diversity of experience of working moms.

Policy Change and Advancement

MAKE WORK WORK FOR MOMS pushes for policy changes that need to be made to make work, work for moms. Policy changes are sought at all levels of government. We believe that if we make things work for moms, they work for most.

Support for Moms

MAKE WORK WORK FOR MOMS provides coaching, Story Sharing sessions, and resources. If you have a great resource - please share using the Contact Us button.

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